We recognize that privacy is important, therefore we tried to write some privacy (privacy policy) associated with the use of this website:
  1. A visit to this website and a myriad of different characters and backgrounds. They have the right to comment on the articles we open form comments. We moderate comments and did not pass certain comments for some reason, but sometimes we do approve without first reading the entire content of these comments. Therefore any consequences arising from any commentary is solely the responsibility of the comment. For that please comment considering the ethical, legal and law and all applicable regulations in the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2.  Never give a comment with a link (link) to porn sites, gambling sites and or legally prohibited by statute law in Indonesia. Includes forbidden to comment containing provocation, words or sentences that violate the law in Indonesia.
  3. If you leave a comment giving a link (link) on a particular website. So the content of the linked website is entirely responsible for giving comments and or owner of the website. If you feel something is using the name and or website in the comments, please contact us and we'll delete comments that are relevant according to your request.
  4. In the case of advertising by third parties, all the creatives and the consequences that arise from them entirely the responsibility of the advertiser. And may be they (advertisers) to install the sender requests (eg IP address) directly into your browser without sepengatuan us. So in that respect (request IP address) is fully the responsibility of the advertiser.

The stuff about the written privacy policy that we will not write if at some point it is necessary to write.

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